The Official Gogosimo Band Profile

The legendary Gogosimo is a 7-head African Afro-smooth genre band from Nairobi, Kenya, currently comprising of the CEO, producer, composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist & lead vocalist Marcus James Jozee AKA James Gogo, tenor & alto saxophonist Noah Fukwe Saha, piano & keyboard player Michael Jozee, bass guitarist Moses Karanja, lead guitarist David Omamu, Drums& percussions Meshack Niyonkuru and backing vocalist & percussions Matilda Hilda Achayo.


The band plays a rich coastal sound mixed with exquisite western instrumentation and a tasty touch of African beats, creating an impeccable recipe of sweet East African Sound.


Gogosimo band has entertained hundreds of thousands of fans throughout its tenure, gracing various local and international events such as Blankets & Wines, Koroga Festival and Safaricom Jazz Festivals. Notably, the band also does cover songs from a host of different popular songs from genres such as Jazz, Soft Rock, Pop, Rhumba, Afro -beats, Salsa, Zouk, Segaa, Mwanzele, Mserego and Soul.


Band Members

Marcus James Jozee (James Gogo): CEO, producer, composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist & lead vocalist

Marcus James Jozee, famously known as James Gogo is a Kenyan- based multi-gifted musician and a top notch vocalist. The multi-instrumentalist boasts of French, Congolese and Kenyan heritage, an influence that has immensely shaped his style of music. Gogo was raised in the coastal city of Mombasa.


He borrowed so much from his late father, a renowned Jazz Saxophone player. His senior introduced him to music at a tender age, and ever since then Gogo has never looked back. He began playing the saxophone, followed by drums and later piano. But it was in classical piano that his heart was.


Gogo says that other than his father, he draws his inspiration from the likes of Oscar Patterson, Stevie Wonder, as well as Mzee Ngala. This impeccable world-class performer has graced local and international stage with his charming, yet a distinctive magical sound and voice.


In 2000, the keytar player joined Safari Sounds band as a pianist. However, Gogo had bigger dreams and two years later, he left the band and started a duo group and a 7-member band famously referred to as Gogosimo Band.


Tenor & alto saxophonist Noah Fukwe Saha

It is Julias Saha, Noah’s father who introduced him to music at a tender age of 12. His father was exemplary at the saxophone and piano. Noah fell in love with the saxophone at the age of 15, thanks to influence from his father and uncle Nashon Mganga who was a flute player.


Since then, Noah mastered his skills and became extremely good at saxophone, which he enjoys every time he plays the instrument. He has recorded and performed with different bands and artists such as the famous Gogosimo Band, saxophonist Isaiah Katumwa, Kidum, Susa Wanjiru, compose& arranger saxophonist Joseph Ngala, and many more. The experience has been priceless because it has helped him grow musically.


According to Noah, his career to turn for the better when he joined the Gogosimo band. His first gig with the band was at the 2015’s Safaricom International Jazz Festival at the Bomas of Kenya. He went to do hundreds of other shows with the band including the Koroga Festival, Pwani Night and many more.


“I have always desired to record my own songs. Also, I wish to meet and perform with some of the greatest musicians in the continent and the world, sharing my ideas with them.”


Michael Jozee:  Piano & Keyboard Player

This smooth and good looking guy is the second last born to a family of eight. Apart from loving good food and writing, Michael Jozee is a gifted piano & keyboard player and a huge lover of music. Michael hails from a musical family with his father steering the music in the family.


He is also an amazing tenor vocalist. Notably, Michael is a classical piano teacher with grade qualification. In 2009, at the age of 20, he joined the Mombasa Roots Band as a keyboard player. With the band, he toured Dubai, Muscat, South Sudan and many other places.


He joined Braeburn Mombasa International School where he worked until he left in 2016 to join the Gogosimo Band in Nairobi. Michael also home school’s kids as a part time gig.


Moses Karanja: Bass guitarist

Moses is a quiet and cool individual. But he is a beast on the bass guitar and quite unique on how he handles the instrument. For Moses, music is a powerful force to him, a fuel that propels his soul. “I still believe that a car with the gas needle on empty can run several miles if you have the right music very loud on the radio,” says the talented bass guitarist.


Like James Jozee, Michael, and Noah, Moses was also born in a musical family. Having been in the church choir played a key role in his experience and that is how he got to net work with people.


His main desire is to change people’s lives through his music, which according to him is a very powerful tool.


David Omamu: Lead guitarist

David’s love for the guitar started way back in 2005.  While doing his home worked, he would watch and listen to hid dad play the instrument. he asked his father if he could play the guitar on one Sunday afternoon after the church, and that was where is first step of his musical journey started.


“Music is everything to me, it runs in the family, it is my passion and what puts food on my table,” says David.

Other than music, the lead guitarist loves to watch movies, read books, and engaging in social activities.

His dream is to help the Gogosimo band go international. “I want to see myself as one of the top musicians in the world.”


Meshack Niyonkuru: Drums& percussions

Meshack is one of the best if not the best drums& percussionist in Africa. His musical journey started in 2009, but he started singing at a tender age. Before joining the Gogosimo band, he had worked with different bands in the country.  Gogosimo Band is where his heart felt at easy, and it is more than 3 years since he joined the likes of James Jozee, Michael Jozee, Noah, and David.


“I do music fulltime and I do not regret at all. Music s a global language, and it brings people together,” I am all about LOVE MUSIC & LOVE GOGOSIMO”

days Meshack.


Matilda Hilda Achayo: backing vocalist & percussions

Matilda is the youngest and the newest member of the band. Matilda has a rich and powerful African voice: she is extremely promising.

According to James Gogo, the band CEO, “Matilda is a very hardworking lady with a lot of potential.  With the zeal she has, she can go far.”

Apart from expressing emotions with her angelic voice, Matilda is also a professional percussionist.


Major Performances and Events


International Performances

  • 2018 - International Safaricom Jazz Festival alongside Manu Debanj
  • 2017 - International Safaricom Jazz Festival- All Star Edition
  • 2016 - Koroga Festival alongside Koffi Olomide
  • 2015 - International Safaricom Jazz Festival alongside Salif Keita
  • 2013- Red Cross International Charity Gala
  • 2013- Hosting the Prince of England at The Great Rift Valley Lodge, Naivasha
  • 2010- Festival Culturelles, Alliance Francaise
  • 2002-2004, Kenya Tourism Promotions: France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy
  • 2002- Wine festival, Germany

Other notable performances


2013- Resident Performer for The Churchill Live Show Season 2&3

2013- AM Live Interview, NTV Kenya

2012- Blankets and Wines


Regular shows and gigs


K1 Klub House- Each and every Saturdays

Villa Rosa Kempinski- Every Wednesdays

Villa Rosa Kempinski – Every Sundays


Upcoming shows and Tours


For more information about Gogosimo Band’s upcoming events and tours, check out their social media pages and official website:

Contact details

Email address: Jozee.james@gmail.com

Cell: (+254) 0728025272